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November 13, 2007
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Freedom Gundam by Tanaka-Yuki Freedom Gundam by Tanaka-Yuki

appearance at 15:45min


Caran d' ache colour pencils
copic markers
soft pastels
copic and sakura liners (0.3 - 0.7)
Paashe and sparmax airbrush (the small size one)
Colleen and Faber Castel colour pencils
mech pencil 0.7

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed is a copyright of Bandai, Sunrise.
Cover art by yuanjie
Digital ver by morishita naochika
Original size A2.

Done as a subject for school assignment. (Product Visualization)
Design specifications and details (for the love of wiki :D):

The Freedom is armed with advanced weaponry, based on technology reverse-engineered from the captured Earth Alliance mobile suits and ZAFT's original technology.

Apart from the head-mounted MMI-GAU2 "Picus" CIWS and "Lacerta" beam sabers, the Freedom is equipped with a pair of "Xiphias" rail cannons on its hips. It also carries MA-M20 "Lupus" high-energy beam rifle, stored on back skirt.

For defensive purposes the Freedom is equipped with a large shield which is mounted on its arms. This shield is similar to that of its brother unit, the ZGMF-X09A Justice.

The most distinctive feature of the Freedom is probably the set of ten wings housed on its backpack/thruster array.

These wings give the Freedom HiMAT (High Maneuver Aerial Tactical) mode capability for superior speed, mobility and agility. Twin powerful M100 "Balaena" plasma beam cannons are also mounted on these wings near the backpack/thruster array.

The unit and ZGMF-X09A Justice are equipped with hardpoints to dock with the METEOR (Mobile suit Embedded Tactical EnfORcer) weapon system. The Freedom utilises Generation Unsubdued Nuclear Drive Assault Module complex operating system.

An interesting note is that the beginning part of Freedom's OS version's sign, Series AVIC-T1, is similar to real world model of Pioneer AirNavi, an in-car navigation system while the ending part code LA-SE3P appears in multiple locations on the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, most notably on the licence plate of Athrun Zala's car in episode 8, and the Freedom's OS start-up screen.

The code LA-SE3P is similar to the Japanese model number for the Mazda RX-8 series car.

Freedom is one of five known new advanced prototype mobile suit series made by ZAFT in Cosmic Era universe, during Bloody Valentine War, which mainly shown in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series.

The series mobile suits are ZGMF-X09A Justice, ZGMF-X10A Freedom, ZGMF-X11A Regenerate, ZGMF-X12A Testament, and ZGMF-X13A Providence sequentially. The mobile suits each has its own focus and capability.

The ZGMF-X10A Freedom is focused on firepower and excels at handling multiple enemies at once at medium range.

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